Our C.P. Huntington Miniature  Train

Offered on weather permitting weekends in October while The Pumpkin Patch is open- our miniature train is sure to please both the young and the young-at-heart! This tour offers many interesting sights to see and presents many beautiful photo op's! - including a ride through our pumpkin patch, blueberry field, vineyard, and maybe even a glimpse at our majestic Clydesdale horses! An admission fee applies to all of our train riders, which we reserve the right to change from time to time should it be necessary. The train ride is optional for our guests, therefore not included in the general admission price for entry to The Pumpkin Patch. If you are planning a trip to visit The Pumpkin Patch and would like to ride the train, it is always suggested that you give us call to confirm that it is running- (604)-274-0522.


Our miniature train is a replica made after the steam train that was named the C.P. Huntington- the C.P. Huntington began running in 1864 on the Trans-Continental Railroad in Northern California. 

It has been a dream of ours to have an operational railroad and miniature train for many years. We found our train tucked away on a farm in Witchita, Kansas in 2010. After many phonecalls and emails, we were able to secure a deal. Our two main farm hands, Nelson and Lucas Hogler, made the trek from Vancouver to Kansas to bring the train to its new home at Richmond Country Farms. After arriving home, we began an extensive 5 year full restoration of the locomotive and coaches. Construction of the railroad began in the summer of 2014- finishing just in time for October- for the grand opening of the train, and our annual Pumpkin Patch. Now, when you see that shiny candy-apple red train, you will know what we're talking about!

Choo Choo!