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School & Field Trip Bookings 


The Pumpkin Patch            

 12900 Steveston Highway, Richmond, BC, Phone: 604 274-0522 Fax: 604 272-5830

"The" Place for Pumpkins!

Thousands visit the Pumpkin Patch each year.  Most visitors are pre-school and elementary students, but people of all ages share the fun.


Guests enjoy many costumed entertainers including Polly Pumpkin and Strawberry Shortcake.   Music is supplied by our Farm Band, "The Country Pumpkins" , and by many talented wagon entertainers.  Boogie to the band and play in the hay!


Pumpkin pickers ride hay wagons past the duck ponds and waterfalls to the fields.  The farm is ornamented with corn stocks, sunflowers, whimsical decorations and almost authentic buildings relocated from Transylvania.


Prior to the Pumpkin Hunt, children can visit the animal viewing area to see our farm animals. We remind all Pumpkin Pickers to not touch or feed any of our farm animals.

We offer a fresh BC grown Spartan apple as a snack at the conclusion.

A Real Farm...

The Pumpkin Patch is part of Richmond Country Farms.  We grow fruits and vegetables, specializing in corn, ever-bearing strawberries, potatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and pumpkins, selling them at our farm-gate market at 12900 Steveston Highway.


The farm is very active, so, for safety sake, groups must stay together in designated areas.  Any of our friendly guides can assist you.  Unescorted walk-ons are not permitted at any time while farm machinery and wagons are operating.


Make sure you dress appropriately!  Appropriate footwear is a must.  In October, the fields are frequently wet and muddy.  For children that’s part of the fun, but dress warmly, wear boots and bring rain gear. (And maybe some big plastic bags to protect your car from dirty boots!)


Remember: moving vehicles and hidden hazards exist on any working farm.  Guests assume responsibility for their own safety and safety of the children in their care.




Admission on weekdays for SCHOOL GROUPS and DAYCARES with OVER EIGHT CHILDREN is TBD per person. 

Tickets include professional entertainment, a sing-along wagon ride, a child-size pumpkin with a carrying bag, a visit to the animal farm, and a delicious Spartan Apple to snack on (1 per person please).  Please note taxes are included in all admission prices. 


Teachers and leaders please email for reservations at

One teacher or group leader per 10 elementary school children is allowed for supervision, without cost for the ride and entertainment.


Adults and caregivers assisting persons with special needs are allowed entry for the ride and the entertainment without charge.


Parents accompanying weekday pre-booked school groups over and above the free supervisors must pay the entry fee to enter the farm grounds and participate in the field trip- this admission does include a pumpkin as well.


Please, be ready to proceed at your reserved time.  The schedule is easily disrupted by late arrivals.  Adult leaders must count their groups (toddlers, children, and adults) and present payment at the ticket booth.  To get you started without delay, we require PRE-COLLECTION AND ORGANIZATION OF FUNDS FOR SCHOOL GROUPS WITH PAYMENT AT ENTRY BY SCHOOL CHEQUE, VISA, MASTERCARD, OR DEBIT. Please note that BAGS OF CHANGE/CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT. 




How to find us!


Take the Steveston Hwy. exit From Highway 99, on the Richmond side of the Massey Tunnel, 6 km from the south end of the Oak Street Bridge.  The Pumpkin Patch at Richmond Country Farms is on the Southeast corner, right beside the freeway. 


Guests visiting Richmond Country Farms assume responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of others in their care.

We reserve the right to make changes to our program as deemed necessary and to react responsibly and promptly to unsafe conditions brought on by extreme changes in weather, by closing.


*We, the management, reserve the right to make price changes at any time during the Pumpkin Patch Event according to availability of pumpkins.

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